...The Norwayne Health Professions Affinity Community. 

The Health Professions Affinity Community (or HPAC) is a nation-wide group for high school and college students who are motivated to make a healthy difference in their communities. The Norwayne High School HPAC was founded in 2014 by Hannah Miller and Danielle Zimmerly.


...the developers of the County Line Trail App.

The County Line Trail App is a technology app that was developed by the Norwayne HPAC, talented local community members, Yash Lohia, and David Joyal of WebPyro App Development, Inc. The project started in April 2015 and the app was published in October 2016. It contains three main components: the fitness section, history section, and nature section. The app provides a technological and interactive experience so that users of the County Line Trail can enrich their knowledge, physique, and understanding of northern Wayne County, Ohio. Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today! Learn more on the Home Page and "About the App" page!


...the creators of the County Line Trail 5K And Rainbow Run.

On April 16, 2016, the Norwayne HPAC held the first annual County Line Trail 5K and Rainbow Run. The event signified the launch of their County Line Trail App, and included a 5K race, fun color run, local vendors and booths, as well as historical tours of Creston and Sterling, Ohio. Around 1,000 people attended the event, and 600 people participated in running events. The HPAC held a second annual event on April 22, 2017 and saw great success for the second year in a row. The third annual event will be on April 14, 2018. Visit the "CLT 5K and Rainbow Run" page for more details!





"The Making of the County Line Trail App" 2014-2016

Lance Larrison, 2016

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